Desert Storm (Game)
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Join the battle with thousands of players to dominate the streets of Riyadh in the biggest and most anticipated multiplayer online game! Desert Storm is a shootout game with a simple yet exciting interface which lets you control your character with ease., so all you have to worry about is aiming at your opponent, it’s simple as that, just tilt your device to move the cross hairs around and tap to shoot. The game takes place in the streets of Riyadh, where you face other players in fatal duels, so you can prove that you are the most dangerous fighter in the desert.

- Use firearms to take other players down, from a simple pistol to a rocket-launcher!

- Use different types of item and power-ups to aid you in defeating your opponents, such as grenades, helmets, potions and many others!

- Defeat your opponents and gain more money to buy more powerful weapons.

- Defeat more players to gain more EXP to raise your level so you could face more experienced players.

- Customize your character: hair, face, clothes and accessories.

In Desert Storm the only rule is to stay alive by knocking down all of your opponents and be the last man standing!